XNA Access Road


Project Overview & FAQ
XNA Access Road Environmental and Design

The Arkansas Department of Transportation has contracted with Garver to perform an Environmental Assessment for a connector road to the Northwest Arkansas National Airport (XNA). The scope of work also includes roadway and bridge design plans for the alignment, which will be determined through the Environmental Assessment process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the project limits?

The project is estimated to be approximately 4 miles long, connecting the Northwest Arkansas National Airport in Bentonville to the Springdale Northern Bypass (Highway 612) in Springdale.


What alternatives are being considered?

The following alignment alternatives will be considered and evaluated.

  • No build
  • One alternative on new location
  • One alternative on partial new location
  • One alternative that improves existing Highways 112 and 264

Preliminary Study Corridor Map´╗┐


What meetings will be held with the public?

This website will announce the most up-to-date information on public meetings.

Several public involvement meetings will be held during the course of the project. This includes a public meeting, location public hearing, and a design public hearing. If you would like to be notified when these meetings have been scheduled, please contact PublicInvolvement@GarverUSA.com.

Once a public involvement meeting has been scheduled, public outreach will include, but not be limited to

  • Newspaper ads
  • News releases
  • Social media posts
  • Email and mail notifications
  • Website updates


How can I provide input outside of the established meetings?

You may submit your questions or comments anytime to the project team via email PublicInvolvement@GarverUSA.com.


I received a property access letter in the mail. What does that mean?

This is not an indication that your property will be impacted by the project.

Garver is under contract with the Arkansas Department of Transportation to conduct environmental and design studies for the XNA access road. As part of the Study, Garver respectfully requests access to your property to complete general surveys, which may include digging small holes to be backfilled and tamped.

If you received a request for property access, you will also receive mailed notification when a public involvement meeting is scheduled. At this meeting, you will have the opportunity to provide your input on all proposed improvements.